We would love to see you!

Where Are We Located?

We meet at Eastern Guilford High School every Sunday at 10:30 in the auditorium. There is plenty of parking in front of the school, and you can follow the signs and people to the front doors!


What Do We Believe?

This is the mission of Awestruck: to see Every Single One come to know and love Jesus. How do we do that? By making disciples within the church and through community that can go out and spread the gospel. There are unreached people everywhere, from your backyard to overseas. 

Every Single One matters to Jesus, so Every Single One matters to us. 

We have what the call the "Four Ones" that help us move forward in unity. These are our values:

1.  One Truth :  We are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our foundation

2.  One Focus :  We are dedicated to growing faithful followers of Jesus

3.  One Heart :  We are building a community that is leading each other towards Christ

4.  One Hope :  Our community making an impact on the world through the Go